Wellcome to Comefos.
Firstly I am going to give you a simple explanation on what the Comefos is.
Comefos stands for Common Commercial Engine For Open Source,the engine consists of three parts as following:
1.Central Control Layer
provides Process-based or Service-based Processing,which also has following characteristic:
1)BPEL Driven Flow
2)Lightweight Architecture
3)Multiple Access Point(means not only through HTTP)
4)Non-Web Application Support
2.Common Presentation Layer
Portal Technology will be used in this layer,anybody who knows about Portlet & CMS Specification can easily get used to it.
3.Common Data & Service Layer
UDDI Technology will be useful in this layer,you can register or search service here,one of its characteristic is that the registed service also can be invoked by using Web Service,as you may found in Apahche Axis.


After taking some learning Spring in the...see more from here. -> (added on 2006/03/18)


Minipulationg memory in Java series -> (updated on 2006/08/09).


Part of the Service Layer and DTO Layer have been committed to CVS -> (2006/06/14)