2006/03/18. After taking some learning Spring in the last two days,I have dicided to use it as Comefos Engine's DI section for its superior implementation(In fact,I am not confident in my ability to write a DI implementation that can be better that Spring:)).Pls waiting for my new design of the core part - configuration of Process-Engine. As to the other parts of the framework,I have to admit that I am really out of date in the area,for I know little about things like Portlet Specification and API 1.0 (JSR-168),Content Repository for Java Technology API (JSR-170) and so on.Though still not too late for me to know about them... Now I am thinking about how to take good use of the two Specification I just talked above.For example, adopt JBoss Portal for implementing the Common Presentation Layer & Common Data Layer.As to Service Layer of part 3,I think Axis + UDDI Server could be a better choice. Well,still need to do a further investigation.

Recently I am getting to work on design a mechanism for configurating the Process Engine.But when I showed a draft of the configuration file to one of my friends,I was told that the thought sound like the mechanism DI which is being given full play to its ability in Spring Framework.Though heard about the framework for a long time,I haven't taken anytime to know it. I spent sometime to read the detail of its design,I can't help myself to admire its idea.I just have got a little bit sense of such a conception,but Rod Johnson have brought to us an implementation with so many features. I would spend more time on learning the framework,to see if I can use it directly within my plan.

I have been thinking about the new architecture for over 3 months,now what I am going to release firstly would be the core part:Comefos Engine,which is described as Central Control Layer provides Process-based or Service-based Processing. you can view an overview of the architecture from here -> overview

I did want to design such an engine one year ago,in fact,the original image of the engine was built base on Struts,like an architecture running behind Struts(It consists of TemplateAction,BusinessLogic,DAO and so on.) Now,as everyone knows,technology have been developing so fast,and what I am going to design changed accordingly.up to now I have added following functions into my image:
1)Web Service Components Involved
2)BPEL Driven Flow
3)Lightweight Architecture
4)Non-Web Application Support
5)Multiple Access Point(means not only through HTTP)
6)Still more...
Everything I want to do is to make the Engine simple---simple to understand,simple to master,simple to be extended...